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Our Services

Our Services


STEADFAST as an outsourcing specialist has built a reputation for excellence over 7 years in the industry, working with innovative processes and technologies to provide engineering solutions for clients. Furthermore STEADFAST has worked with building companies, architects, consultants and other leading companies to achieve optimal solutions for a wide range of projects.

  • ELV Engineers
  • HVAC Engineer
  • Testing and Commissioning Engineer
  • Mechanical Engineer OIL & GAS
  • Senior Mechanical Engineers
  • Senior Electrical Engineers
  • Junior Electrical Engineers
  • Junior Mechanical Engineers
Our Services

Quality Assurance / Quality Control Specialists

We outsource a team of Quality Control Specialists who monitor and test the activities and perform quality plans and provide necessary feedback and advice. Observe, verify, and report preventive maintenance, inspection, assembly, and testing activities to ensure compliance with codes, specifications, client requirements, and procedures.

  • Electrical QA/QC Engineer
  • Mechanical QA/QC Engineer
  • Civil QA/QC Engineer
Our Services

Quantity Surveyors

Steadfast outsources professional quantity surveyors experienced in the building code adherence,the layout of construction sites, the equipment used for the construction sites and ensures all times lines are met and remain within budget.They measures and estimates costs,recalculate costs, determine the types of materials that should be used ,create and deliver.

  • Senior Quantity Surveyor
  • Mechanical and electrical quantity surveyor
  • Project quantity Surveyor
  • Contractor’s Quantity Surveyor
Our Services

Health and Safety Executive

As safety at the workplace is a key objective we outsource the best safety professionals. We outsource a wide range of accredited and specialized services to help customers reduce risk and keep employees safe at the project sites. All workers are entitled to work in environments where risks to their health and safety are properly controlled. Under health and safety law, the primary responsibility for this is down to employers. Employers have a duty to consult with their employees, or their representatives, on health and safety matters Workplace safety affects us all. Our safety team help you stay and secure at work.

  • Safety Engineer (Nebosh)
  • Safety Supervisor (Iosh)
  • Safety Manager
  • offshore Safety Engineer
  • Safety Assistant
Our Services

CAD Services

Steadfast has a highly qualified team of Draughtsmen who can take up conversion and migration assignments of all levels of complexity. Since 2015, we have worked with engineering and manufacturing firms around Qatar and possess sufficient expertise and experience to handle your requirements. Our services cover all your paper drawings, blueprints, and files from other CAD software platforms and ensure migration.

  • Architectural Draftsman
  • Structural Draftsman
  • Mechanical Draftsman
  • Electrical Draftsman
  • Interior Draftsman
  • Infrastructural Draftsman
  • Steel Structural Draftsman
  • ELV Draftsman
  • HVAC Draftsman
Our Services

BIM Modelers

Steadfast realizes advantage & significance of BIM (Building Information Modelling) in the construction industry today. We outsources resources and work alongside Architects, General Contractors, Builders, and Engineers to present their work in a Building Information Model, enabling them to cut down on time and costs, offering them more value for money than what can be pained from conventional 2D drafting. The multiple levels of drafting we use is Detailing and Development like LOD 100, LOD 200, LOD 300, LOD 400, and LOD 500, which indeed help us to pet a detailed design.

  • Architectural BIM Modellers
  • Electrical BIM Modellers
  • Mechanical BIM Modellers
  • Structural BIM Modellers
Our Services


Steadfast have a pool of experienced surveyor to supervise field staff and ensure the projects are delivered on time .Our surveyors responsibilities will also include calculating land boundaries in several location and creating maps and reports of survey result for clients.Apart from that they have good hands on experience with engineering instruments and knowledge of GPS and GIS system.

  • Land Surveyors
  • Electrical Survey Engineer
  • Mechanical Survey Engineer
  • Civil Survey Engineer
  • Survey Supervisors / Helpers