Chairman's Message

I am delighted to introduce STEADFAST trading and contracting company which is leading outsourcing company in Qatar .Since our inception ,utmost clients satisfaction has always been our ultimate business objective .Our company was created with a vision to provide unique service to our client and we have succeeded to be a pioneer in this field with our expansion of the workforce without compromising our quality .

Our corporate goal is to serve partners and clients having the demand for professional people to provide high quality people to businesses in various field .We are totally confident in fulfilling every aspect of your staffing needs to your immense satisfaction .A dedicated team of staffs with High professionalism,enthusiasm,practical experience and responsibility is continually preparing to serve your needs.

On behalf of chairman of Steadfast , I would like to extend my heartfelt gratitude to all of our client , Employees and well wishers. We always welcome you all in our company .

Best Regards